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For those of you in Melbourne who need cheering up, just remember that Sam Newman can’t play golf for the next 42 days
Things in Melbourne are pretty tough right now. But mental health experts say one simple way to improve your mood
Madonna says masks don’t stop coronavirus, but maybe that’s because she puts it over her eye
Pop legend Madonna has come under fire for posting conspiracy theories about COVID-19, including claims that masks are ineffective. But
‘The Today Show’ interviews convicted arsonist ‘Rob’ about why bushfires are great
“We hear a lot about the negative side of bushfires. Are there positives too?"
Dan Andrews Is Responsible For The Covid-19 Virus Which Doesn’t Exist, Andrew Bolt Says
Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is responsible for the disastrous outbreak of the coronavirus which is nothing more than a mild
Sign Our Petition To Stop TikTok Taking Your Data
Please add your name (and address, phone number, driver’s licence and marital status) to this important cause.
We read the new tell-all book by Donald Trump’s niece and wow! Turns out Trump isn’t the whip-smart, kind hearted guy we thought he was
Donald Trump’s reputation as a switched-on, compassionate leader driven by the pursuit of high-mined ideals is nothing more than a
Kanye West announces intention to shamelessly generate publicity for his new album
Saying it was time to realize the promise of America, rapper Kanye West has confirmed he will be running a
Pete Evans’ BioCharger Found To Cause Autism
The $15,000 ‘BioCharger’ causes autism in young children, a new study shows.
ABC Forced To Sack Proof-Readers Due To Liberal Party Budget Cunts
National broadcaster The ABC will axe up to 250 jobs, including sub-editors and proof readers, as it deals with bigger
Novak Djokovic Apologises For COVID Breach By Throwing Massive Party For Fans
A contrite Novak Djokovic has apologised for holding a tennis tournament during the middle of a pandemic, saying he would
Channel Nine Commits To Diversity By Embracing A Wider Range Of Racist Views
Channel Nine has confirmed that Sam Newman will feature on this year’s season of The Footy Show, saying it wanted
The Big Bang Theory Has Been Pulled From Netflix Because It Is Shit
Saying it was ‘long overdue’, television streaming service Netflix has permanently removed all seasons of The Big Bang Theory from
“DUMBLEDORE WAS ACTUALLY A TRANSGENDER LESBIAN!” JK Rowling tweets in frantic attempt to win back fans
After facing a huge backlash over a series of tweets that many felt were transphobic, a frenzied JK Rowling today
60 Minutes To Interview Nobel-Prize Winning Scientist Peter Doherty On What It’s Like To Be A Celebrity Chef
Following Sunday’s emotional interview with Pete Evans about the coronavirus, vaccinations and other medical topics, Sixty Minutes has announced an
‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Prequel Has Dropped And It’s Pretty Dark
Netflix has released the much-anticipated prequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, which reveals the backstory of how the United States disintegrated