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‘The War on 2022’ is now on sale!
It’s on. Some of the biggest names in Australian satire are joining forces to take you on a dazzling live journey
Manly releases updated, less offensive pride round jersey
"I don't think we should be celebrating this type of lifestyle, especially when kids are around"
Greg Norman launches Myanmar Golf Series
"Apart from the executions, I couldn't think of a more perfect place to hold a golf tournament"
Meg Lanning forced to stand aside as Australian cricket captain because position was promised to John Barilaro
"Sometimes the best woman for the job is a man”
Media rushes to interview nation’s café owners about impact of FINA’s transgender ban
"I guess I won't be able to hold an elite swim competition for my trans customers anymore"
Grave concerns for man who doesn’t have a single opinion on Depp/Heard trial
Family members have called emergency services
Will Smith apologises to Academy for Wild Wild West
"There are no excuses"
Sky News wondering what woke crime Sydney trains committed to all get cancelled
"It's cancel culture gone mad"
“How dare they axe Neighbours!” says woman who hasn’t watched Neighbours since 1987
"What are Scott and Charlene going to do now?"
Djokovic begins French Open preparations, with plans to contract COVID in early May
"I've been working a lot on my timing"
Australians annoyed that English cricketers can get test results within 3 days
"I've been waiting for my test result for over a week"
NSW Police demand Hillsong stop playing music: “Nothing to do with COVID – the music is just fucking awful”
"No-one should be subjected to this utter shit"
“We’re actually professional tennis players” immigration detainees say
“We came here to play the 2013 Australian Open. Sorry, we probably should’ve mentioned that at the time”
The Manus Island Open is thrilled to announce wild card entrant Novak Djokovic
“We’re expecting he’ll be spending quite a bit of time here"
Victorians granted last-minute medical exemption from Novak Djokovic
"Victorians have suffered enough"