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Nadal Knocked Out Of Australian Open By 5G Tower, Facebook Reports
"Nadal lost concentration when chem trails were sprayed over the court early in the third set"
Eddie McGuire Resigns Due To Toxic Culture Of Discrimination: “I’ve Been Constantly Targeted And Harassed”
"We need to be big enough as a club to acknowledge that I am being victimised here".
Eddie McGuire Dismisses Racism Claims: “One Of Our AFLW Players Has An Asian Friend”
"An under 19s player travelled extensively through Africa on a gap year. So don’t tell me we have a problem with racism"
Fox News Calls Election For Donald Trump
“It’s pretty hard to see a way for Joe Biden to win it from here”
Trump To Begin New Role At Sky News Australia
It ends weeks of speculation about what he will do in retirement.
COVID-19 Cancelled To Allow SCG Test To Go Ahead
“Out of an abundance of caution we have decided to cancel the COVID-19 virus"
Reverse Parallel Parking Has Been Confirmed For The 2028 Olympics
"Judges will make comments and suggestions while the competitors are in action"
Melbourne cup betting
Uncertain Melbourne Cup Punter To Just Choose Betting Agency Based On Name, Colours
“I quite like the name Centrebet. But I like UBet’s colours. Maybe I'll put a few dollars on each"
Peta Credlin Slams Daniel Andrews For Opening Up Melbourne Too Early
"How many Victorians must die before Daniel Andrews takes this virus seriously?"
Pornhub Launches New ‘Just Tucking In My Shirt’ Category
Subcategories include Quick Tucks, Group Tucks and Shirts I'd Like To Tuck
Trump Refuses To Accept Outcome Of The Bachelor Finale
"It's a conspiracy engineered by the US Postal Service, Joe Biden and Channel Ten
Fears changes to news-sharing policy may turn Facebook into some sort of awful hellhole of fake news and conspiracy theories
“The last thing we want is for Facebook to become a platform for extremist theories or crazy ideas"
Masked Singer Postponed, In First Sign Things In 2020 Are Turning Around
"It's a rare glimmer of hope. But we need to be vigilant – the show could return at any moment"
Fox News makes editorial decision not to focus on Kamala Harris’s race, saying it will focus only on her gender
TV network Fox News says that after much reflection and internal debate, they have decided not to focus on vice
For those of you in Melbourne who need cheering up, just remember that Sam Newman can’t play golf for the next 42 days
Things in Melbourne are pretty tough right now. But mental health experts say one simple way to improve your mood