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Local grandma excited that The Voice is being added to the Constitution

Perth grandma Beverly Peterson says she’ll certainly be voting ‘Yes’ for The Voice at the upcoming referendum, declaring the reality singing show will make an exciting addition to Australia’s Constitution.

“What a great idea!” Peterson said upon hearing the news. “The Constitution can be so boring. I think it’s great they’re finally going to add a bit of colour and life to it. I’ve always said that The Voice was better than Australia Idol”.

Peterson said she is a long-time fan, first time voter. “I’ve watched every season of The Voice since it launched in 2012 and it’s brilliant. What a wonderful honour for Guy, Jessica, Keith and the team”

The seventy-nine-year-old grandmother of four urged Australians not to get too hung up on the specifics. “I admit The Voice in its current format is not perfect – I wished they never got rid of Delta too. But I’ll be urging all my friends to vote yes. It’s so great just to have it recognised”.

She said voting was easy. “Just ask your grandson to download the app on your phone and then follow the steps to vote. Anyone can do it.”

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