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“I can’t stand Scott Morrison either,” Scott Morrison says in new pitch to voters

The PM has shown how in touch he is with everyday voters by pointing out that he absolutely hates Scott Morrison, just like they do.

“I’m just an ordinary, everyday Australian who has a mortgage, likes a beer and fucking loathes Scott Morrison,” Morrison said today.

“I’m no different from Jane in Chisholm, or Terry in North Sydney, or Frank in Parramatta, who I’ve spoken to these past few weeks. Regular Aussies who are just trying to put food on the table and avoid thinking about the absolute cock of a bloke who’s running the country”.

Morrison said you didn’t need an empathy consultant to understand what it’s like to have a PM that makes your skin crawl. “I’m with you. I’ve lived it, just like you have”.

He said only he could truly empathise with ordinary Australians about what it’s like having Scott Morrison as PM. “Labor only has to deal with me during business hour. I’m inside my head 24/7. It’s exhausting”.

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