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Nation’s meth lab operators support PM’s call to “get government out of people’s lives”

Manufacturers and distributors of crystal methamphetamine have backed Scott Morrison’s call for Australians to move away from a culture of ‘control and mandates’, saying it makes sense for them to take full responsibility for their own affairs.

“Scott’s got this one right,” J-Dog, a spokesperson for the meth industry said today. “We totally agree that it’s best to let individuals decide what’s right for them. We’ve found that we’re far more productive when we’re left to manage our own affairs”.

He said that as a society we need to move away from the heavy hand of government. “Whether you’re a café, a retailer, or a small business owner cranking out crystal on the side, the last thing you want is red tape holding you back from doing your best work”.

He said Scott Morrison had the industry’s full support. “The government has enough work on its hands without having to get involved with the ins and outs of class A drug production”.   

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