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Hillary Clinton’s Emails Invaded Capitol, Trump Supporters Claim

The mob who smashed windows and doors and broke into the Capitol building this week were not Trump supporters, but rather a collection of cleverly-disguised emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the President’s supporters say.

“You think it was us who did it?” one Trump supporter said. “Look closely at the footage and you’ll see that those are not Trump supporters, they are emails dressed up to look like Trump supporters.

“They may be wearing Trump t-shirts and holding Confederate flags, but they’re her emails alright. The email server was there too – directing the whole thing”.

Another supporter said he saw the events unfold with his own eyes. “I saw a group of Hillary’s emails walk up to the building, storm past police, smash through the doors and then walk out with a podium. It was definitely the emails. Imagine if she had become President”.

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