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Constitutional Experts Reassure Voters That Corporations Will Continue To Run America In Event Of Candidate Dying

With concerns about the health and age of both Presidential candidates, constitutional experts have reassured voters that the nation’s largest corporations will continue to run the country, even in the event of an unexpected health scare.

Governance and constitutional expert Daniel Thurgood said there were unique safeguards built into the US system to ensure the uninterrupted maintenance of power, regardless of what happens to an individual president or candidate.

“One of the great things about our system is that, even in a disaster scenario, the responsibility bestowed in our nation’s billionaires to determine the direction of the country is preserved.  

“It means that – even if Donald Trump or Joe Biden was to become incapacitated or, God forbid, die – there would be a small number of powerful businessmen who would continue to set tax rates, healthcare policy and defence spending in a steady, constant fashion. Nothing would change”.

He said it was important to avoid uncertainty. “Leaders change; parties change. But we’re very lucky to have a system that – at its core – is run by the same group of people, regardless of who is in power”.

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