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Silicon Valley Invents New ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ Button For Dealing With Climate Change

Developers in Silicon Valley have created an innovative new way to put off dealing with impending catastrophe, announcing a new ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ climate change button that will pop up on your laptop or phone.

Chief developer Wolfgang Hannity said it was the perfect way to deal with global warming for those with a busy schedule.

“We know what it’s like. You’re right in the middle of writing an email or watching a TikTok video and it’s inconvenient for you to drop everything and save the planet right now. But with this new tool you can just click ‘Try Tonight’ or ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ and the problem can be put off to a more convenient time.

“And then tomorrow when it pops up and you’re busy again, you can just click it like you did yesterday and worry about it later. It’s the perfect way to manage climate change in a busy world”.

He said the beauty of the new app was that it gives you the impression that you’ll do something about climate change within the next 24 hours. “When in actual fact you never have to do a thing. So in that sense it’s a very low-touch solution”.

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