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You Think Coronavirus Is Bad? Wait Until The Bill Gates Conspiracy Theorists Hear About Track Changes

Using 5G technology to create a global pandemic so you can use vaccinations to mind-control a global population is bad. But these Bill Gates conspiracy theorists have clearly never tried to suggest an alteration on a Word document without it looking like it’s been hacked to death with a blunt machete. If you’re going after Gates for anything, surely it’s that.

Sure, the death toll from coronavirus is huge. But think about how many perfectly good documents have been totally destroyed by an infuriating function on an outdated word processor that, once initiated, takes hold of a piece of writing and never, ever lets go.

Doesn’t it seem a little strange that, once you’ve turned on Track Changes, it’s impossible to turn off? He’s had thirty years to fix this but has chosen not to. Why not?

Technology constantly improves year after year, yet this still operates as if it’s 2001. Why? Who benefits? And why is Hillary Clinton involved?

That’s the real conspiracy.

That and the fact that every time you try to write specialise it autocorrects to specialize. Even when you change the language default setting away from US English. Especially when you change the language default setting away from US English. That’s pretty clear evidence of an attempt to take over the world.

  • And then there’s the question of why sentences sometimes randomly turn into bullet points

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