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LOL!! Man Who Doesn’t Pay Any Tax Asks For Government Bailout

In one of his most hilarious stunts yet, British man Richard Branson has asked the government to bailout his airlines.

Branson, who relocated to a private Caribbean island in 2007 in order to avoid paying tax and is famous for his cheeky media pranks, released a hilarious video asking Australian and British governments to chip in to his businesses.

“I haven’t paid tax in over a decade, but it’s vital that the government handover several billions of dollars in taxpayer money so my companies can stay afloat,” the jokester said from his $60 million private island.

“Come on, what are you waiting for!” he shouted as he jumped onto a flotilla of jet-skis driven by teenage supermodels.

Hanging from the bottom of a helicopter and then jumping onto a 60-foot yacht, the maverick entrepreneur saved his best joke for the end of his 60-second video. “And then when we’re profitable again, we’ll keep the profits to ourselves!” he said, before jumping into a private jet and flying off into the sunset.

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