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Nation’s Teens Unsure How To Measure Self Worth Now That Instagram Not Showing Likes

Sydney student Lily Maples has been left without any way of determining her value to society, it has emerged.

With Instagram deciding to hide the number of likes a post gets on its platform in Australia, millions of people like Lily now have absolutely no way of telling whether they are living a fulfilling life or not.

“It’s now totally impossible for me to know whether I’m better than Naomi Benson. Or Katie Wilson for that matter,” Maples reported. “I literally don’t know whether to feel good about myself or not.

“Like the other day I posted this selfie that was super hot and my self worth was something like 180, compared with Katie Wilson’s, which I think was less than 100. Actually, I know it was less than 100. It was 89. But the point is, what about today? It could be 200 or 20. I’ve got no way of knowing”.

The change will have wider implications, Maples said. She now has no way of telling which Instagram influencers to look up to. “And how do I know if my lunch is acceptable to other people? This is a nightmare”

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