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6 Christmas Gifts That Say ‘I Love You Like The Liberal Party Loves Craig Kelly’.

Shopping centres are about as busy as an Australian Prime Ministerial portrait painter this time of year. So shop online with The Shovel instead. Here are 5 fantastic gift ideas, and 1 crap one.

1. The 2018 Shovel Annual 

132 pages of in-depth satirical analysis.


2. Donald Trump Card

We have a new Christmas card and it’s tremendous.













3. Shovel Annual 2017/18 Bundle 

Once you’ve got your head around what the hell happened in 2018, remind yourself of the farce that was 2017.


4. Shovel Membership 

Support quality Australian fake news. Members get a memorial Tony Abbott sticker, exclusive content, discounts and other stuff.


5. Political Charity Card 

Help someone more fortunate this Christmas.


6. Lump Of Fair Dinkum Energy

Supplies limited.

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