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Elon Musk Travels To Thailand To Help Extract Publicity

As the Thailand cave rescue efforts continued today, Elon Musk said he was on hand to do whatever he can to help extract publicity.

Deeply distressed by the amount of attention being gained by people risking their lives to save the boys, Musk said he had a cool submarine that could retrieve the same amount of attention in half the time, just with a few tweets.

With the situation becoming more desperate by the day, Musk says he will now consider sending a team of expert publicists to Thailand to help with the evacuation efforts.

A spokesperson for Musk said the conditions were terrible. “It’s taken an incredible toll on him. To endure more than ten days watching on while the world’s media is focused on something other than him – it takes a lot of mental strength and courage”.


By Alvaro Loustau

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