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Hackers Demand The Immediate Destruction Of All Future Episodes Of The Bachelor

Less than 24 hours after hackers released to the public scripts of future Game of Thrones episodes, an anonymous group of hackers has demanded the immediate destruction of all future episodes of The Bachelor.

“We cannot take any more of this attack on our fundamental human rights,” a video statement by the group said. “To continue to air The Bachelor is an insult to all citizens who believe in freedom, the human spirit and good taste. We the people demand immediate action.”

The group goes on to iterate if their demands are not met, they will hijack Channel Ten’s broadcast signal and instead screen an hour of CGI footage of the Western world burning.

This morning Channel Ten’s executive producer suggested a compromise in response, offering to pre screen all episodes to the group before they are aired publicly.

To this suggestion the hackers only responded:

“Please God no.”

These recent occurrences would be surprising if it wasn’t after an almost identical series of demands from another group towards HBO and its hit show Game of Thrones, a subtle historical drama.

The masked man concludes the hostage video: “It’s clear that a show like The Bachelor is far worse for society than that other program which frequently depicts graphic war, torture and humans being burned alive by dragons.”

“It’s also a lot less realistic.”


By Martin Ingle 


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