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Facebook Outage Crisis: Man’s Friends Totally Unaware He Went For 7.2km Run This Morning

Friends and family of Sydney man John Reice were overwhelmed and confused this morning, after a Facebook outage meant they were unable to see how far John had run.

Mr Reice has posted a map of his morning run on Facebook every day for the past 3 years, to the delight of all of his friends. But this morning had a very different feel.

“I just felt totally blindsided,” a close friend of John’s said. “I mean, Jesus! Did he run 5km or 15km? Did he go the usual route or try something different? We just don’t know”.

Others said it was unnerving not even knowing if John had actually run at all this morning. “There was no map, no update, no nothing. I mean, did he actually even go for a run? I am really, really interested in this type of thing,” a family member said.

More to come.

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