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Final Edition Of Dolly To Collate All 42,872 Signs He’s Really Into You

Teen magazine Dolly announced this week it will end its print edition, but promised a bumper final edition, including a 300-page pull-out section on the guy-rules you need to break right now.

The special edition – collating material from the last 46 years – will also include:

– The 42,872 signs he’s really into you

– 4,911 skin tips to give you that celebrity glow

– The 418,000 new trends that will make every girl look amazing

– 9,821 instant wardrobe updates

– 6,011 signs you might have OBD (Obsessive Bieber Disorder)

– 200,000 quick tips for totally hot hair

– The 1 thing he’s really thinking about when he’s kissing you

– All 17,000 interviews with Taylor Swift

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