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Being Vegan Provides Extra Energy Required To Constantly Talk About Being Vegan, Study Shows

Cutting all animal products from your diet could provide the additional energy you need to relentlessly tell your friends and family about it, new research shows.

The study of 500 people found a marked increase in stamina amongst vegans holding conversations about food, when compared to non-followers.

“What we found was those who had removed meat and animal products from their diet had the energy to talk about it long after everyone else lost the will to go on,” lead researcher Emily Payne said.

Vegan devotee Jim Castina said he wasn’t surprised by the findings. “I used to feel sluggish and lethargic. But since I cut meat, eggs, cheese, honey, some sugars, certain pastas, and butter (but not fruits, vegetables and grains) from my diet I’ve really found the extra energy to explain it in detail,” he said.

Sarah Varouci said since taking up the diet she jumps out of bed every morning, “To call my friend to tell her about my new approach to eating and living”.

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