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God Starts Arduous Task Of Selecting This Year’s Grammy Winners

God has spent the weekend sifting through more than 300 artists nominated in 83 categories at this year’s Grammy Awards – the US music industry’s premier event.

“It’s a tough job – that’s a hell of a lot of categories to get through,” God said. “But when you get the thanks on the night, it’s all worth it”.

A pop music tragic from way back, God said he didn’t do it for the recognition, but conceded getting a mention in an acceptance speech was always nice. “Sure, there are some winners who perhaps don’t realise the work I do behind the scenes in making the selections. And so, yeah, they sometimes forget to thank me.

“But it’s no big deal – I get that they’ve got a lot of other people to thank too. For me it’s more about recognising great music and natural talent”.


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