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“Rather than buying you a gift this year, I bought a much-needed helicopter ride for an underprivileged politician”

So many of the Christmas gifts we give these days are unwanted, or go unused. So when you consider that there are literally hundreds of politicians in Canberra living hand-to-mouth on the most basic entitlements, it all seems a bit indulgent.

That’s why this year, we’re giving you the opportunity to forgo giving gifts to friends and family, and give to a politician instead.

There are three gifts to choose from

Choose from essential helicopter rides, life-changing tropical holidays, and wall-to-wall oak bookshelves – all basics most of us take for granted.

3 pack


Each gift costs only $5.75 + p/h. And we’ll send you a beautifully designed card to give your loved one as a memento of the generous offering, so both you and your loved one will get that warm fuzzy feeling of helping a politician break free from a life of disadvantage.

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