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Australian Politicians Rave About The Shovel’s Team Australia Christmas Gift Ideas
Team Australia apronMug for Shovel FB postGreeting Card FB2On water operations tea towel

The Shovel’s mugs, tea towels, cards and aprons make the perfect gift for your fellow Team Australia members. We asked some famous Australians to review them.


“These Team Australia items are spot on. Coffee doesn’t make itself. Dishes don’t dry themselves. You can’t expect everything to be served up to you on a platter. Unless you’re at a fancy wedding for an Indian billionaire businessman. Then everything’s served on a platter”. Gina Rinehart


“I’ve never done the drying up myself. But the housewives of Australia have told me how important it is to have a quality tea towel”. Tony Abbott


“It’s true. Coffee doesn’t make itself. My parliamentary staff makes it”. Joe Hockey


“It’s all a bit childish actually”. Bob Carr


“I can’t comment at this time”. Scott Morrison


“I’ve got some spare t-shirts from 2007 if you’re looking for some more stocking fillers”. Kevin Rudd


“This interview is over. Goodbye!” Clive Palmer


“It’s the greatest gift you can give someone”. Tony Abbott


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