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Gun control satire
Rich, Middle-Aged Men Go Into Bat For Underprivileged Psychopaths
They say a measure of a civilisation is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens
satire America
USA Delays Intercontinental Missile Test, Due To Fears It May Have Been Misinterpreted As An Intercontinental Missile Test
The United States military has put its planned testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile on hold due to concerns North
gay marriage satire
12 Dead, Scores Injured As Gay Couple Marry In California
America’s worst fears became reality today when a gay couple tied the knot in the Californian capital of Sacramento, killing
Inauguration Crowd Patiently Waits While Obama Lists America’s ‘Limitless Possibilities’
It was supposed to be a rhetorical device. President Obama’s speechwriters inserted the phrase “America’s possibilities are limitless” into the
Guns Should Be Allowed To Vote, Says America’s NRA
America’s National Rifle Association (NRA) says giving the country’s 300 million firearms the right to vote in national elections is
Romney: “Obama had an unfair advantage: policies”
Losing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has defended his campaign performance, claiming he lost because the race wasn’t run on a
Cruel Twist: Marijuana Legalised, But Cheerios Banned In Colorado, Washington
Just as pot smokers in Colorado and Washington were dusting off their bongs to celebrate their states’ recent legalisation of
Donald Trump to get penis surgically removed from forehead
Reality TV star and business magnate Donald Trump announced today that he will undergo surgery to remove genitalia from his
Paul Ryan
VP candidate Paul Ryan says he’ll go back to focusing on tennis career
After losing in his bid to be Vice President of the United States, Paul Ryan announced this evening (US time)
Aaron Sorkin reassures American liberals: “Don’t worry, I’m writing a backup plan in case Obama loses”
Acclaimed television writer Aaron Sorkin says he’s not overly concerned about the closeness of the polls for the upcoming Presidential
New Yorkers stockpile food, water as fears of a Romney victory grow
Supermarkets shelves were stripped and gas stations sucked dry today as thousands of New Yorkers prepared for the worst. With
Obama promises not to fuck around with Valium before tomorrow’s debate
US President Barack Obama has made a commitment to his staff that he won’t experiment with hardcore sleeping medication before
National Rifle Association proposes psychological testing for all movie-goers
The National Rifle Association (NRA), America’s peak gun lobby, says it has found a way to stop future gun massacres