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Biden Becomes First Adult To Win Presidency Since 2012
The incumbent – a 74 year-old little boy from New York – has held the position since
Claims Of Fraud At Australian Election After Man Tricked Into Buying Vegan Sausage
“My order was tampered with. I asked for pork, I got jackfruit"
Trump Would Win Easily If Only Republican Votes Counted, New Chart Shows
“Isn't it a bit fishy that as soon as you start including Democrat votes the election becomes close?"
American Protesters Take To The Streets To Demand Less Democracy
"It’s time to ensure our voices are no longer heard”
“It’s Best Of Three!” Hysterical Donald Trump Tells Biden
"That's how it's always played! You're cheating! It's not fair! Tell him Rudy!"
119% Of Polls Predicted US Election Would Be This Close, New Poll Finds
181% were undecided.
A Carefully-Worded Statement About Today’s Election
Fuckety fucking fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck
Republican Officials Help Speed Up Voting Process By Pre-Filling In ‘Trump’ On Ballots
"The last thing we want is for someone to miss out on exercising their democratic right"
Iraq Sends Independent Observers To Monitor US Election
"The country is besieged by corruption, civil unrest and violence. We want to help bring democracy to this struggling nation".
US Election: Toddler Who Lined Up At Polling Place With Parents Now Old Enough To Vote
A toddler who has been waiting in a polling place line with her parents in Georgia is now old enough to vote, it has been revealed
Man Lines Up For 11 Hours For Chance To Vote In Greatest Democracy On Earth
"You can’t do that in Europe"
BREAKING: Kanye West Wins First Presidential Debate
“88% of swinging voters said Kanye West was the most coherent of the three candidates"
trump convention
US One Step Closer To Electing First Child President
In another historic milestone, the US Republican Party have nominated Donald Trump as their Presidential candidate, putting the 70 year-old little
Process To Find Two Most Despised People In US Finally Complete
After almost four months of vetting and voting, Americans have successfully narrowed down their entire population to the two citizens
Republican Establishment Longing For Sensible, Coherent Days Of George W Bush
With the prospect of Donald Trump winning the Presidential primary seeming increasingly likely, moderate Republicans have started to wonder whether