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Trump Would Win Easily If Only Republican Votes Counted, New Chart Shows
“Isn't it a bit fishy that as soon as you start including Democrat votes the election becomes close?"
119% Of Polls Predicted US Election Would Be This Close, New Poll Finds
181% were undecided.
Iraq Sends Independent Observers To Monitor US Election
"The country is besieged by corruption, civil unrest and violence. We want to help bring democracy to this struggling nation".
US Election: Toddler Who Lined Up At Polling Place With Parents Now Old Enough To Vote
A toddler who has been waiting in a polling place line with her parents in Georgia is now old enough to vote, it has been revealed
Only 1% Of Americans Think Voter Suppression Is An Issue, Republican-Run Poll Requiring 3 Forms Of Identification Finds
The poll, requiring three forms of identification and proof of Republican membership, was held in the lobby of the Goldman Sachs building.
The Policy Announcements You May Have Missed From The First Presidential Debate
COVID-19: Trump unveiled a new policy to shut down the coronavirus by relentlessly talking over the top of it
USA Loses Presidential Election
America has lost the 2016 Presidential Election
Trump campaign
Trump’s 1,418th Sexist Comment Final Straw For Outraged Republicans
Republican Party stalwarts say they are shocked at Donald Trump’s recently-revealed sexist comment, his 1,418th of the campaign
Republican Party Denounces Blatant Sexism, Calls For Return To Thinly-Veiled Sexism
Senior figures in the US Republican Party say Donald Trump’s sexist comments do not represent their party, which usually makes
Process To Find Two Most Despised People In US Finally Complete
After almost four months of vetting and voting, Americans have successfully narrowed down their entire population to the two citizens
This Is Not A Fucking Game Show, Rest Of World Reminds America
Choosing a Presidential candidate is not the same as choosing which contestant will go through to the next round of
Iraq map Bush family
Heartbreaking: Jeb Bush May Never Get To Play With The Little Piece Of Iraq His Father & Brother Left For Him
When Jeb Bush – brother of George W, son of George Snr – pulled out of the race for President
US Republican Candidates Divided Over Which Letter To Engrave Muslims With
The candidates running for the Republican Presidential nomination are bitterly split over the best way to brand local Muslims, with