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prince george first steps
Prince George’s First Steps Better Than Your Baby’s First Steps
Prince George’s first steps were superior in every way to your firstborn’s lame attempt at unaided movement, it has been
Aussies Shocked By Revelations About Britain’s Rolf Harris
Australians say they are stunned by the allegations made against British national treasure Rolf Harris
queen elizabeth satire
Queening To Be Outsourced To India
All functions of the British Monarchy will be run from a small factory in Mumbai, after local efforts failed to
Ashes 2013 satire
Being Shit At Cricket Again ‘Like Putting On An Old, Warm Jumper’ English Fans Say
England fans say being 537 runs behind after three days of play feels better than they expected
“Seriously, You Guys Talk Some Sh*t”: David Cameron Displeased With Level Of Discourse On British Phone Calls
The UK could halve its national debt and almost triple its productivity if Brits didn’t spend so much time talking
Margaret Thatcher satire
British Public’s Memories Of Margaret Thatcher To Be Carved Up And Sold Off
In a final nod to the benefits of market capitalism, Baroness Thatcher has, on her deathbed, asked that all public
PM David Cameron asks the US to invade London “so we can test out all our new Olympic security arsenal”
With the Games now over and all Olympic security threats successfully avoided, British Prime Minster David Cameron wondered aloud yesterday
Olympics satire
Thousands of Britons report feeling a strange, unfamiliar sensation: ‘winning’
GPs and hospitals around Britain have been inundated with calls from concerned residents who say they are experiencing ‘contentment’, ‘joy’
London 2012 queues “the best ever” according to British queue enthusiasts
There’s been a lot of focus on London’s world-class Olympic venues, but the queues for tickets – some up to
British Invasion
London Olympics opening ceremony to feature breathtaking re-enactments of British invasions
In Sydney it was giant thongs and Kylie Minogue, in Athens Greek Gods flying above the stadium and in Beijing
PM David Cameron cuts ties with Scotland after Andy Murray loses again
It was the final straw. For as long as Andy Murray looked like he might win a major tournament, the
Rebekah Brooks says she ‘can’t recall’ whether she left the iron on
Several key questions remained unanswered this morning after an eventful day at the Brooks’ Chipping Norton residence during which an