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dutton turnbull challenge
Nation Just So Fucking Over This
This is getting ridiculous, it has been revealed
Malcolm Turnbull newspoll
‘30 Newspolls In A Row Is The New 20 Newspolls In A Row’, Turnbull Says
Reaching 30 negative political surveys in a row these days feels the same as reaching 20 negative political surveys in
Malcolm Turnbull partner
Turnbull Finally Provides Definition Of ‘Partner’
Malcolm Turnbull has moved to clear up any confusion about the meaning of the word ‘partner’, after earlier claiming that
turnbull 300 word slogan
Government Under Turnbull Reduced To 300-Word Slogans, Abbott Claims
Tony Abbott has attacked Malcolm Turnbull for leading a government that he claims amounts to nothing more than a series
turnbull latin
Turnbull Delivers Rousing Victory Speech Entirely In Latin
Saying it was a victory for the true believers – or “pro victoria orthodoxos” – the new Prime Minister today