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US Government Shutdown Enters 104th Week
The US has entered its 724th day without a functioning government, with no end in sight to the growing crisis
Trump Pardons Turkey (And Saudi Arabia and North Korea) At Traditional Thanksgiving Ceremony
US President Trump has used a traditional Thanksgiving White House event to pardon Turkey, as well as a range of
Trump’s Top Landscaping Tips To Prevent Forest Fires
In this exclusive feature, the people’s president lets us in on his favourite landscaping techniques to keep your garden free
Trump Boasts To Queen About How Much Property He Owns
Referring to himself as ‘property royalty’, Donald Trump offered to give the Queen a free lesson in wealth accumulation, as
Trump SS 4
Trump Restless As North Korea Briefing Ambles Past 30 Second Mark
Tapping his fingers on the table and looking impatiently around the room, US President Donald Trump asked if things could
trump meets pope
God And Satan’s 2iCs Hammer Out Trade Agreement For This Season’s Soul Harvest
In an unprecedented diplomatic event between His Glorious Kingdom and The Eternal Hellforge of Damnation, representatives from both parties have
Trump satire
Trump Meeting Contained Absolutely No Intelligence, Russia Confirms
The Russian foreign minister has responded to the growing furore over his recent White House meeting with Donald Trump, saying
barron trump
New FBI Chief Named
Barron Trump has been named the new head of the FBI, following an extensive search that spanned the entire Trump
Situation Room
Situation Room Converted Into Twitter Room
The White House’s intelligence and national security facility has been converted into a comfortable place for Donald Trump to tweet,
oval office desk
Trump Watches Prostitutes Urinate On Oval Office, In Traditional Presidential Handover
In what has become an elegant and essential component of the presidential transition, new president Donald Trump oversaw the traditional ‘pissing on
Trump paris
Inauguration Marred By Deranged Man Walking Right Onto Stage
A mentally disturbed man has tainted the otherwise smooth running of the 45th Presidential inauguration, casually walking onto the stage
Putin US
Putin Happy To Let Trump Do Day-to-Day Running Of US
Just days before his inauguration, Vladimir Putin says he is pragmatic about his new role in the US, and is happy
hamilton trump
Trump Promises To Protect America From Growing Threat Of Musical Theatre 
Donald Trump says he will use his presidency to curtail the real and present threat posed by singing theatre groups
Trump rally
White, Male, Billionaire ‘Outsider’ Candidate Elected President, In Big Middle Finger To Establishment
Americans have sent the strongest possible message to the nation’s establishment, electing a 70 year-old rich white man from New
Whoops! America Wakes To Discover They Made A Game Show Host President!
In an embarrassing blunder, America has elected a reality TV star with no political experience to be their next President