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Team Trump Now Claiming Joe Biden Stole Election By Getting More People To Vote For Him
“What we’re seeing here is a large scale attempt by the electorate to install Joe Biden"
Pornhub Launches New ‘Just Tucking In My Shirt’ Category
Subcategories include Quick Tucks, Group Tucks and Shirts I'd Like To Tuck
Atmosphere At Trump Rally Described As ‘Infectious’
“What a show! It took my breath away. As in, I’m literally struggling to breathe right now".
Trump May Not Be In A Condition To Govern, 4-Year Study Shows
"He has been unresponsive to those around him since January 2017".
Trump Refuses To Accept Result Of Covid Test
"It's a clear case of mail-in voter fraud"
Tributes Pour In: “Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With The Coronavirus At This Difficult Time”
“This terrible affliction spares no one"
Barron Trump Confirmed As Next Supreme Court Justice
Insiders say Barron Trump is ‘uniquely qualified for the role'.
Trump Says Californian Wildfires Due To High Coronavirus Testing Rates
“You don’t test, you don’t get fires"
Trump vows to end violence and destruction that’s become rampant under current President
Donald Trump has assured voters that he will clean up the chaos that has become part of everyday life under the current president
Trump supporters are slashing their tyres in support of the President’s Goodyear boycott
“Real patriots drive with Yokohamas”
Trump Finally Responds To COVID Crisis By Banning TikTok
After months of inaction and obfuscation, Donald Trump has finally taken decisive action to address the coronavirus pandemic gripping his
Americans Starting To Get Tired Of All This Winning
Americans are not sure they can handle all of the winning that has occurred since Donald Trump became President, it
Obamagate Explained
A lot of people have been asking for an explanation of Obamagate. It’s a huge scandal. What happened was very,
Trump Now Claiming You Can’t Get Coronavirus If You’ve Still Got Bieber Fever
In the latest in a series of strange claims about coronavirus, US President Donald Trump has told reporters that people
Trump Claims There Are “Very Fine Organisms On Both Sides” Of Pandemic
Donald Trump seemingly sympathised with Covid-19 pathogens at a press briefing on Thursday, saying, “You have some very bad microorganisms