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Trump Supporter With No Healthcare And No Job Not Sure How Much More Winning He Can Take 
Ron Blakey of Virginia says he can hardly handle all of the winning he’s been doing since Donald Trump became
trump and morrison
Trump Cancels Meeting With Australian PM Over Refusal To Sell New Zealand To US
Donald Trump has cut short a state visit with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, after Morrison ruled out selling New
Trump On Epstein: “I Only Associate With The Very Best Sex Offenders”
US President Donald Trump has defended his former relationship with billionaire paedophile Jeffery Epstein, saying he only associates with the
Trump’s July 4 Military Parade Included Life Size Replica Of His Incredible, Very Large Hands 
Donald Trump has used an Independence Day military parade in Washington to prove to his detractors that he has a
Ivanka Trump Surprised To Discover Meeting Is With North Korean Leader, Not Kim Kardashian
Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the US President, says she was taken aback when she realised her high profile meeting
Donald Trump To Spend Romantic Valentine’s Dinner With The Love Of His Life
US President Donald Trump says he’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day with the most talented, gifted, amazing person he knows,
Trump Shows Off Negotiating Skills By Shrewdly Giving In To Every Single One Of Democrats’ Demands
US President Donald Trump has displayed some of the deal-making magic he promised during the 2017 campaign, shutting down the
US Government Shutdown Enters 104th Week
The US has entered its 724th day without a functioning government, with no end in sight to the growing crisis
Trump’s Top Landscaping Tips To Prevent Forest Fires
In this exclusive feature, the people’s president lets us in on his favourite landscaping techniques to keep your garden free
Putin Admits He Forgot To Vote In Midterms
A sheepish Vladimir Putin has confessed he totally forgot to vote in yesterday’s US midterms, despite a concerted push in
Trump Boasts To Queen About How Much Property He Owns
Referring to himself as ‘property royalty’, Donald Trump offered to give the Queen a free lesson in wealth accumulation, as
trump meets pope
God And Satan’s 2iCs Hammer Out Trade Agreement For This Season’s Soul Harvest
In an unprecedented diplomatic event between His Glorious Kingdom and The Eternal Hellforge of Damnation, representatives from both parties have
Trump satire
Trump Meeting Contained Absolutely No Intelligence, Russia Confirms
The Russian foreign minister has responded to the growing furore over his recent White House meeting with Donald Trump, saying
barron trump
New FBI Chief Named
Barron Trump has been named the new head of the FBI, following an extensive search that spanned the entire Trump
Inauguration Marred By Deranged Man Walking Right Onto Stage
"He walked right up to the podium!"