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Barron Trump Confirmed As Next Supreme Court Justice
Insiders say Barron Trump is ‘uniquely qualified for the role'.
Trump satire
Trump Meeting Contained Absolutely No Intelligence, Russia Confirms
The Russian foreign minister has responded to the growing furore over his recent White House meeting with Donald Trump, saying
Situation Room
Situation Room Converted Into Twitter Room
The White House’s intelligence and national security facility has been converted into a comfortable place for Donald Trump to tweet,
oval office desk
Trump Watches Prostitutes Urinate On Oval Office, In Traditional Presidential Handover
In what has become an elegant and essential component of the presidential transition, new president Donald Trump oversaw the traditional ‘pissing on
Inauguration Marred By Deranged Man Walking Right Onto Stage
"He walked right up to the podium!"
trump-phone toy phone
Aides Secretly Replace Trump’s Cell Phone With Toy Phone
Advisers for Donald Trump have sneakily swapped the President-elect’s phone with a plastic Fisher Price device, which they say he
Trump campaign
Trump Vows To Govern For All White Male Americans, No Matter Who They Voted For
President elect Donald Trump says he will be the President for all white men across all the 50 states of