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Australia Only Has One Real Choice This Election, Tony Abbott
The voters only have one real option when they head to the polls this election day, argues Andrew Bolt. The real race is to decide between Tony Abbott, and Tony Abbott
tony abbott sexism
Tony Abbott Asks Housewives Of Australia To Help Him Iron Out Sexism Issues Within Government
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has labelled the criticisms of Peta Credlin coming from within his Government as sexist, and asked
Tony Abbott
Fax Machines Are Our Future, Says Abbott
Prime Minister Tony Abbott today opened a new fax machine factory in Melbourne’s west, saying the telecommunications devices were ‘friends
tony abbott satire
Australia’s Terror Threat Level Raised To ‘Budget Problems’
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has taken the extraordinary step of raising Australia’s threat level from ‘medium’ to ‘budget problems’, saying
Iraq Mission Being Blatantly Disrupted By Federal Budget, Says Government
Concerns have been raised within Cabinet that local issues may be diverting attention from the more important matter of Australia’s
boat people
Fence To Be Built Between Australia And Indonesia
Work will begin next month on a 3,000 km fence stretching from Christmas Island to Cape York Peninsula, following the
great big scary thing
Government Looking For New Big Scary Thing
Cabinet will meet tomorrow to discuss available options for a new large scary thing, after the Great Big Scary Tax
Australia, Canada To Withdraw From Climate Change
Australia will lead a coalition of countries, including Canada and potentially India, that will pull out of climate change as
tony abbott satire
Abbott Commits To Cutting Australia’s Reputation By 30% By 2015
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has set an ambitious target to reduce the nation’s standing in the international community by
Tony Abbott satire
Families Should Not Be Used For Political Point Scoring, Says Man With The Not-Bad Looking Daughters
Pointing out that he has three daughters and a wife who are all female, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that
Tony Abbott’s Guide To Body Language In Radio Interviews
We now know that a wink means ‘happy to proceed’. But what are the other codes that politicians use to
tony abbott to scrap income tax
Abbott Announces Plans To Scrap Income Tax*
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott today laid out plans to remove all income tax, an extraordinary move which could save
tony abbott to shoot his way out of budget emergency
Abbott To Shoot His Way Out Of Budget Emergency
Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey will use fifty-eight F-35 Joint Strike Fighters to fend off the threat of a Budget
Tony Abbott April Fools
Australians Trying To Work Out Which Government Policy Is An April Fools Gag
One of the Abbott Government’s policies is an April Fools hoax, but they won’t say which one
tony abbott satire
Australia To Reinstate Imperial Measurement System
Australia will revert to using miles, ounces, yards and furlongs next year, more than 40 years after the imperial system