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tony abbott g20
“Future Generations Will Judge Us By What We Do About The GP Co-Payment Today”: Abbott Tells G20
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has told world leaders that the time to act on visits to the doctor is
abbott owns putin
“From Now On You’ll Do As I Say” Abbott Tells Putin, In Hard-Hitting Imaginary Conversation
Getting right up close in his face and whispering “things are going to be on my terms now, sunshine”, Tony
Tony Abbott coal
‘I Occasionally Eat Coal’ Admits Abbott
Prime Minister Tony Abbott conceded today that he enjoys eating coal from time to time, describing the popular fossil fuel
tony abbott
Freedom Reduced In Order To Maintain Freedom
Government monitoring and surveillance will increase, hold-without charge laws will be re-introduced, and restrictions will be ramped up, in order
tony abbott satire
Australia’s Terror Threat Level Raised To ‘Budget Problems’
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has taken the extraordinary step of raising Australia’s threat level from ‘medium’ to ‘budget problems’, saying
tony abbott team australia
Try-Outs For Team Australia To Start Next Month
People wishing to join Team Australia will need to complete a range of sporting challenges, including archery, long jump and
Tony Abbott satire
Abbott To Send In 3-Star General To Secure Australia’s Internet
Following a week of confusion about the exact details of Australia’s data retention policy, Prime Minister Tony Abbott moved to
abbott sporting analogy
Abbott Running Out Of Sporting Analogies
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be forced to describe his policies using comparisons to sports such as netball, hockey
tony abbott satire
Government Marks 200 Days Without Reporting On The Arrival Of A Boat
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott today said his government had successfully “stopped the reporting of boats,” marking 200 days since