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tony abbott
Top Gear Names New Slightly Unhinged, Gaffe-Prone Bully As Replacement For Jeremy Clarkson
The Australian Prime Minister is the new host of the BBC’s much-loved motoring program Top Gear
tony abbott
Tony Abbott “Sick And Tired” Of Being Held To First World Standards
The Prime Minister is totally fed up with being bullied into meeting the expectations of morally-developed nations
Tony Abbott 8 flags
Tony Abbott Has Full Support Of Australia’s Flags
Australia’s flags came out in a show of support for embattled Prime Minister Tony Abbott today
Tony Abbott
Ministers Rally Around Prime Minister After ‘Fanciful’ Iraq Surge Claims
Senior Government Ministers have come forward to support Tony Abbott following a leaked report which claimed the PM had asked
tony abbott
Abbott Determined To Get On With Serious Business Of Saying ‘Death Cult’
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will not be distracted by leadership speculation or policy development and is firmly focused
tony abbott diary
A Challenging Week: The Tony Abbott Diaries
It was a near-death experience for Tony Abbott this week. But how did the man himself see it unfold? We
tony abbott
Tony Abbott Promises A More Inclusive Approach And 61 New Knighthoods
After surviving the biggest challenge to his leadership yet, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has vowed to make a fresh start,
tony abbott diary
A Week From Hell: The Tony Abbott Diaries
It was a ragged week for the Prime Minister. We were lucky enough to get a peek at his diaries
tony abbott
Tony Abbott Confident He’ll Lead Liberal Party Until At Least 1959
Dismissing leadership speculation as ‘nonsense’, Tony Abbott says he is determined to lead the country well into the last century
tony abbott
Tony Abbott Wakes With Nagging Feeling He Gave A British Monarch A Knighthood Yesterday
Prime Minister Tony Abbott woke up this morning with a thumping headache and a vague recollection of awarding a racist
knighthood tony abbott
Knighthoods Actually A Real Policy
Prime Minister Tony Abbott wasn’t joking when he announced plans to reintroduce Knights and Dames last year, it has emerged
women carbon tax
How The Abolition Of The Carbon Tax Changed My Life: Australian Women Share Their Stories
It’s the Government’s biggest achievement for women this year. We asked a group of Australian women to share their own
Tony abbott computer
Abbott Switches Government Off And On Again
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has switched off the government at the wall, waited ten seconds, and then switched it on
tony abbott election
Abbott Denies Ever Appearing In 2013 Election Campaign
Tony Abbott did not take any part in the 2013 election campaign that led to him becoming Prime Minister, his
tony abbott g20
Abbott To Address G20 Leaders On Parking Issues In His Warringah Electorate
Tony Abbott will use his closing address at the G20 Summit in Brisbane today to shine a light on the