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Kevin Rudd tony abbott
Abbott’s Undermining Of Turnbull Is ‘Amateur Hour’ Kevin Rudd Claims
Watching former Prime Minister Tony Abbott try to undermine the current Prime Minister is like watching a game of under 11s cricket,
tony abbott longest serving prime minister
“I Was On Track To Be Australia’s Longest Serving Prime Minister” Abbott Says
Tony Abbott says he would have broken Robert Menzies’ Prime Ministerial record had it not been for an hysterical opposition,
tony abbott obama
Abbott Meets With Obama To Ensure Warringah Electorate Gets Better Transport Links
Tony Abbott has shown he is serious about continuing to serve his local electorate, travelling to the US to discuss potential
labor strategy
Labor Unveils Election Strategy
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten today unveiled the key policy platform that he believes can lead Labor to victory at the upcoming election
tony abbott PM again
Popularity With Party, Voters, Only Things Standing Between Abbott And Another Prime Ministership
Tony Abbott is confident he can have another tilt at the top job, with the convention of requiring 50% support
Liberal Party To Let Tony Abbott Keep Being Prime Minister In His Head
Saying it was ‘harmless’ and that ‘we should just let him have his fun’, members of the Coalition front bench
Abbott Spotted Standing At Edge Of Lake Burley Griffin Challenging Passers-By To A Boat Stopping Competition
An increasingly hysterical Tony Abbott was this evening seen pacing up and down a footpath near Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin
tony abbott death cult
Desperate Abbott To Reintroduce, Then Re-Scrap Carbon Tax
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has told colleagues he is the best man to scrap the carbon tax, which he will
abbott loves anal
Abbott Threatens To Turn Off ABC’s Twitter Machine
A furious Tony Abbott has told the ABC he will personally turn off its Twitter at the wall if the
shorten and abbott
Bipartisan Support For Extensive Cosmetic Changes To Parliamentary Entitlements
Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten announced today that they will work together to deliver sweeping tweaks
Australia Will Run Out Of Flags By 2020 At Current Consumption Rates, Modelling Shows
The Federal Government today announced a $2.2 billion boost in funding for the flag industry, after analysis revealed Australia could
wind turbines in shed
Abbott Announces Compromise To Move Wind Turbines Inside
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has tabled a plan that he hopes will placate supporters of wind turbines, while removing the
coal station
Coal Stations Are “Visually Beautiful And Whisper Quiet” Abbott Says
Coal-fired power stations are a stunning addition to the Australian landscape, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said this morning
maurice newman
Maurice Newman Is A Hoax, Sources Confirm
Tony Abbott’s chief business advisor Maurice Newman is an elaborate prank, it has been revealed
tony abbott wait in the car
Australia Asks Tony Abbott To Wait In The Car While They Get On With The 21st Century
Australians have politely asked if Prime Minister Tony Abbott would mind waiting in the car while they continue with