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Tony Abbott Granted Special Leave To Totally Ruin Britain’s Department Of Trade
"The best way to improve the nation’s competitiveness is to immediately knight Prince Philip"
tony abbott 2019
Tony Abbott Loses Tough Battle Against Formidable Opponent ‘The Year 2019’
Former Prime Minister Tony has conceded defeat in the seat of Warringah, after a long and hotly contested battle against
Poo Jogger
‘Western Culture Is Superior’, Tony Abbott Says, As Poo Jogger Puts Finishing Touches To 32nd Public Dump
In a busy news day yesterday, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Western culture was better than other cultures, and
ABC logo
Here’s The Official Apology From The ABC Regarding Their Description Of Tony Abbott
The ABC’s news division was today censured for describing Tony Abbott as ‘the most destructive politician of his generation’. Here
abbott flags
Abbott Makes Pitch For Leadership Return, In Dazzling 400-Flag Press Conference
“I have what it takes to lead this nation again,” Tony Abbott told journalists today, backed by 400 of his
tony abbott energy
Energy Policy: Australia To Be Entirely Powered By Tony Abbott’s Bullshit By 2020
Tony Abbott’s ongoing bullsh*t will provide enough energy to power the nation for a generation, a Coalition policy report claims
Abbott Takes On New Role As Spokesperson For Antarctica Tropical Resort Industry
In his inaugural speech for the Antarctica Tropical Resort Association (ATRA), Tony Abbott said that climate change is beneficial, particularly
tony abbott crazy
Crazy, Ranting Man Claiming To Be Former Prime Minister Of Australia
A deranged, agitated man gate-crashed an event in London today, claiming he was once the head of an industrialised nation
tony abbott
Macklemore Dispute: Abbott Calls For More Pop Songs About Heterosexual Relationships
As the furore over US star Macklemore’s NRL grand final appearance continued, former PM Tony Abbott said it would be
tony abbott injures back
Abbott Sustains Back Injury Lifting Parliamentary Entitlements
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has injured his back lifting parliamentary privileges. He forgot to bend his knees
Tony Abbott Says Cabinet Position Would Give Him And Government Best Chance Of Passing 2014 Budget
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made it clear he would like to return to the front bench, saying it
tony abbott stop the boats
Abbott Confirms He’ll Directly Confront Putin About Money Laundering Allegations
The tricky question of who will confront Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin about an alleged $2 billion tax-avoidance scheme has
The Shove's week in 60 seconds
The Week in 60 Seconds
Here’s what happened this week
Abbott thinks for himself
“I Think For Myself” Credlin Tells Abbott To Say
“I am my own man and I make my own decisions,” a set of talking points written by Peta Credlin
abbott and credlin
Abbott Says He’ll Need To Check With Credlin Before Confirming Or Denying Their Affair
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will be happy to confirm or deny rumours of a relationship with his