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Mark Zuckerberg – Dead At 36 – Says Social Media Sites Should Not Fact Check Posts
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg – who died of coronavirus in his Californian home today – says it is not Facebook’s
standing up in plane
Man Shaves 1.7 Seconds Off 2-Hour Flight By Standing Up As Soon As Plane Lands
A Sydney businessman has arrived at his destination almost two full seconds before his fellow passengers, after bolting up into
Centrelink Caller Qualifies for Aged Pension While On Hold
A Brisbane woman who rang Centrelink to enquire about a youth allowance 38 years ago has finally had her phone
Smoking e-Cigarettes Significantly Lowers Risk Of Looking Cool, Report Finds
Vaping decreases the risk of contracting cancer and fitting in socially, a report has found
naplan results
NAPLAN Results Could Be Gooder, Government Concedes
The Federal Government admits literacy and numeracy skills should of improved fasterer, following ten years of NAPLAN testing
woman phone
I Went Without My Phone For A Week And, Oh Fuck This Is Such A Boring Article
Have you ever stopped and wondered what it would be like if I had to live without my phone for
Phones Work With Speakerphone Off, Wankers Told
Mobile telephone devices come with a built-in speaker that you can hear when placed to your ear, it has been revealed
Phrase ‘Political Correctness Gone Mad’ Insensitive To Mad People, Committee Finds
The often-used term ‘political correctness gone mad’ should be changed to ‘political correctness that has become anxious or psychologically distressed’,
Most Typing Errors Caused By AutoCock, Research Finds
The vast majority of typographical errors on news media and other websites are a direct result of automatic correction underwear,
antivac website
Anti-Vaccination Website Hit By Virus
WATCH: A website which encourages parents not to vaccinate their children was hit by a virus today


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