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Terrorists Outraged To Find Afterlife Teeming With Democracy & Free Speech
A terrorist who blew himself up in the name of a medieval, despotic caliphate arrived in the afterlife last night to find
vegemite terrorism
Terrorists May Be Hiding In Your Vegemite, National Party Reveals
The next ISIS attack is being planned in your pantry, reports have confirmed
tony abbott satire
Australia’s Terror Threat Level Raised To ‘Budget Problems’
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has taken the extraordinary step of raising Australia’s threat level from ‘medium’ to ‘budget problems’, saying
Local Terrorist Calls It Quits After Dole Payment Threat
Saying he believed in jihad, but not that much, local terrorist Sam Hughes* has decided to call time on his
Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Melbourne’s Myki Ticketing System
Abdul Hameed Muhammad, a senior figure in Al Qaeda has declared that the terrorist group is behind ‘Myki’, Melbourne’s new