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2019 ‘election miracle’ actually just shit-tons of dodgy cash
"Isn't God amazing!"
Scott Morrison wins Best Costume Design, Best Supporting Actor at AACTA Awards
He does all of his own stunts.
Make A Wish Foundation surprises terminally lazy little boy with lap at Bathurst
“We made sure someone else was sitting in the driver’s seat"
Scott Morrison responds to Omicron variant by promising to build a quarantine facility in 2060
"It gives us hope that we’ll be able to defeat this new strain four decades after it peters out on its own accord"
Religious Freedom bill to finally give Christians some sort of say in this country
"At last Christians will have a say in Government policy"
Morrison to keep close tabs on ABC to ensure no further political interference
"I'll be meeting with Ita regularly to discuss this"
Morrison Spends 17 Months Putting Together Hastily-Developed Covid Response Plan
“If it looks like this has been thrown together at the last minute, that’s because we were only given a year and a half’s notice”
Scott Morrison Says He Wasn’t Aware Of Most Recent Rape Allegations Until February 2024
"I wasn’t made aware of this until after the next Federal election"
Morrison Finally Responds To Sexual Assault Scandal By Releasing A 3-Minute Video Of Himself Building A Pizza Oven
"This is a very serious matter - make absolutely certain you get all the bricks lined up before you mix the cement, otherwise you’ll run into real problems later"
Scott Morrison Agrees To Properly Fund Education After Jen Tells Him His Daughters Go To School
"I had no idea"
142,000 Scott Morrison Photo Ops Arrive In Australia
"The full roll-out of media stunts begins next week"
Mum Lets Little Boy Sit In Rocket Ship At Shopping Centre
"Pew! Pew!"
Government Has Secured An Additional 10 Million Announcements, Morrison Confirms
"The 10 million new announcements, announced today, are in addition to the initial 10 million announcements, announced last year"
OPINION: Scott Morrison Has Chosen An Odd Year To Take Off
Running the country hasn’t grabbed Morrison’s attention in the same way that, say, using a sexist trope to name a group of chickens has
Morrison Forced To Self-Isolate With Just His Closest Photographers And Image Consultants
"Creating relatable content doesn't stop just because you're in quarantine"


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