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Scott Morrison Becomes Longest Serving Prime Minister Since Malcolm Turnbull
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has now been in the top job for longer than anyone since Malcolm Turnbull left the
Scott Morrison Blames Labor For Victorian Election Landslide
Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Labor is to blame for the Coalition’s abysmal showing in the 2018 Victorian State Elections,
scott morrison muppet
Man Who Called Scott Morrison A ‘Fucking Muppet’ Fined $500 For Offending Muppets
Police have fined a New South Wales man $500 for using language that was deemed derogatory towards Muppets. He compared
“I’m Just A Regular, Fair Dinkum, Dinky Di, True Blue Aussie Bloke”: A Personal Message From Scott Morrison
G’day, Scott Morrison here, your new PM. I’m getting in touch today because I want to tell you something really
Palestine To Move Embassy From Canberra To The Shire, Just To Fuck With Scott Morrison
The General Delegation of Palestine to Australia will move its embassy to an office space in Cronulla, in a moved
Scott Morrison
Morrison Says He’ll Keep Close Tabs On ABC To Ensure No Further Political Interference
Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the ABC should be free from political meddling and announced that he’ll be having regular
scott morrison fatman scoop
Scott Morrison Uses Question Time To Ask ‘WHO’S F*%KIN’ TONIGHT!?’
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has used question time to quiz both sides of parliament on their sexual plans for this
scott morrison rupert murdoch
Scott Morrison Gives Ministers Rupert Murdoch Pins To Remind Them Which Side They’re On
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has given each of his ministers a Rupert Murdoch pin to attach to their lapel, as
Liberal Party Chooses Scott Morrison To Lose Next Election
Scott Morrison is seen by his colleagues as the best candidate to lead the nation for the next few months
scott morrison negative gearing
Negative Gearing Is For The Average Everyday Battler With Multiple Houses, Morrison Says
Treasurer Scott Morrison has hit back at claims negative gearing is only for well-off people who own multiple houses, saying it