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Senator calls Morrison “Corrupt, racist, autocratic bully” in third most stinging criticism of PM from his colleagues this year
She stopped short of calling him a complete psycho
“I’ve never even heard of Brian Houston,” Morrison says
“Sorry, Brian who?”
Scott arrives to help with washing up that Jenny’s just finished
“Anything I can do to help?”
“A smile and an aggressive, involuntary handshake”: Jenny and Scott’s 7 tips for good manners
#4: Think about the children ... no not those children!
“Like other Aussies, Jen and I get our groceries flown in after a tender process coordinated by McKinsey”
"We're no different from any other Australian family"
PM convinced people around him chanting “siuuu” not “boo”
“I’ve always thought of myself as the Cristiano Ronaldo of politicians"
2019 ‘election miracle’ actually just shit-tons of dodgy cash
"Isn't God amazing!"
Morrison finally responds to climate crisis by announcing Religious Discrimination bill
Some serious action at last.
Omicron mix-up: PM suspends flights to Australia after mistakenly hearing that “E. Macron” is on the way over
"I'm not going to cop sledging"
Morrison to keep close tabs on ABC to ensure no further political interference
"I'll be meeting with Ita regularly to discuss this"
Morrison Spends 17 Months Putting Together Hastily-Developed Covid Response Plan
“If it looks like this has been thrown together at the last minute, that’s because we were only given a year and a half’s notice”
Part-Time Employee Amongst First To Get Vaccine
A Sydney man who works Tuesdays through Thursdays was amongst the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, raising eyebrows within the health worker community.
Scott Morrison Denounces Rape After Jen Tells Him To Imagine He’s Human
"Try to mimic what a human being might say if they’ve just been told a woman was raped"
142,000 Scott Morrison Photo Ops Arrive In Australia
"The full roll-out of media stunts begins next week"
‘Let’s Not Politicise Cricket’ Says Man Who Literally Fucking Politicises Cricket
"You won't see me running around on a cricket ground like a fucking idiot just to pick up a few extra votes"