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Morrison Acts Swiftly To Save Ansett From Total Collapse
Saying he wanted to get on the front foot before things got worse, Scott Morrison has announced a rescue package
Morrison Calls In Marketing Mates To Help Rebrand Upcoming Deficit
The Coalition Government will not deliver a deficit this year as widely predicted, and will instead oversee a ‘Surplus 2.0’,
Parliament Approves Urgent Leave For Politicians Who’ve Had Their Holidays Cut Short
The federal government has granted an additional four week’s paid leave to all politicians forced to return early from overseas
Morrison Launches New Ad Campaign To Apologise For Previous Ad Campaign 
Scott Morrison has apologised to anyone who was offended by his bushfire-related advertisement, in a slick new advertisement released today
Firefighters Given Vital Extra TV Commercials To Help Fight New Blazes 
Firefighters were breathing a sigh of relief tonight after learning the Federal government had fast-tracked essential new propaganda ads, which
Scomo Says The Nation’s Bushfire Situation Has Improved Today, With Australia 3 For 283 At Stumps.
Scott Morrison says the bushfire crisis gripping the nation is improving, with Australia making a solid start to the first
ScoMo Volunteers To Join Firefighters In Hawaii, After House Fire Breaks Out Near Waikiki
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has volunteered to join fire fighters in Hawaii, after a house fire broke out near Waikiki
This Plumber Was Contracted To Do A Last-Minute Job At The Lodge, But Got Confused And Fucked Off To Hawaii For 7 Days
A plumber who was called in to do some urgent pre-Christmas repairs at Scott Morrison’s Canberra residence has followed the
“We Had A Fire Pit At Our Resort In Waikiki Actually”: Scomo Tries Out Phrases With Empathy Consultant, Before Touring Bushfire Affected Areas
Refreshed and reinvigorated after his Hawaii escape, Scott Morrison was throwing around a few ideas with his empathy consultant this
NSW Fires Rebranded As ‘Strawberry Contamination’, In Hope Of Encouraging Scott Morrison To Take More Urgent Action
NSW fire chiefs have made the difficult decision to rename the bushfire crisis engulfing the state as a ‘strawberry contamination’,
scott morrison wearing a stupid cap
7 Phrases Scott Morrison Learnt From His Empathy Consultant To Make Him Sound Like A Human Being
This week it was revealed that the Morrison government paid $190,000 to receive advice from empathy consultants. The Shovel can
Most Of Scott Morrison’s 1.25 Million New Jobs Will Be In Short-Term Prime Ministerial Roles, Analysis Finds
An analysis of Scott Morrison’s pledge to create 1.25 million jobs over the next five years has found that the
Australians Who Don’t Have Fun On Australia Day To Be Fined, Morrison Says
Australians who are caught not revelling in the delight of Australia’s national day will receive a $149 on-the-spot fine, the
Santa Will Leave Lump Of Fair Dinkum Energy In Christmas Stocking If They Don’t Behave, Scott Morrison Warns Kids
Recalling the well-known Christmas story, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told the nation’s children to be good in the lead
Scott Morrison
Morrison Responds To Everyday Concerns Of Australians By Recognising West Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital
Saying his government was switched on to the needs of middle Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison today announced that Australia