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Anti-Vaccination Campaigners Not About To Just Start Injecting Their Arguments With Facts
A group of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children say their beloved little theories could become sick – or
Science To Be Replaced By Anecdotes
Scientific research programs will be cut back and replaced by a recent experience the guy down the shops had, it
breaking bad satire
Breaking Bad Popularity Leads To Surge In Backyard Chemistry Teaching
Authorities in New Mexico say they are worried about a sharp rise in amateur chemistry teaching, following the success of
climate change satire
Climate Change No Longer A Threat, Reader Poll Confirms
Those concerned about climate change can rest easy, following a reader poll in a popular newspaper that revealed the phenomenon
Tony Abbott satire
New Science Discoveries To Be Taken To Manus Island For Processing
Any Science found trying to enter Australian institutions would be held in detention on Manus Island before being permanently removed,
tony abbott satire
Invisible Things Are Ridiculous, Says Man Who Lives His Life According To Invisible Thing
A Sydney man who believes an invisible spiritual being created the earth, impregnated a woman and devised intricate views on
Sci-Fi Convention Brawl Broken Up By Man Asking For Advice On How To Increase The Performance Of His PC
A fight between two rival science fiction clubs in Norwich, UK, only came to an end when a bypasser wondered
Tony Abbott satire
Tony Abbott To Scrap Climate Change If Elected
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he will ditch the Labor Party’s climate change if he is elected to office in
Japanese whaling
Finally, Japanese Scientists Work Out How To Turn Whales Into Mobile Phones
The work has been back-breaking, unrelenting and at times under-appreciated, but when a group of Japanese scientists finally had a
alan jones (image from SMH)
Alan Jones reassures Australia that the Higgs Boson Particle doesn’t exist
Radio journalist and respected scientist Alan Jones told his listeners on 2GB this morning that the Higgs Boson Particle –