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Every Child In Classroom Is Most Talented, Teacher Discovers
All grade five students at a local Adelaide primary school are the best in their class, it was revealed today
bowl of pasta
Woman Uncertain Whether To Instagram Bowl Of Pasta Before Or After Adding Parmesan
Sydney woman Bridget Gretel was today weighing up whether to upload a photo of the pasta she’s cooked as is,
Middle Class Dog Weighed Down By Family’s Growing Expectations
Five month old Cavoodle Horatio Stockwell was this morning wondering if he’d ever live up to his family’s expectations
Putin To Re-Enact All 98 Gold Medal-Winning Performances In Closing Ceremony ‘Extravaganza’
In a treat for Winter Olympics fans, Russian President Vladimir Putin will personally re-enact every gold-medal performance from the Sochi
2014 Shaping Up To Be Quickest Year Ever, Work Colleague Confirms
“It’s already February” account manager Jodie Burns told colleagues today. And if her predictions are correct, it will soon be
new bra technology
New ‘Tech Bra’ Only Unhooks When Man Has Taken Bins Out
In a long-awaited fusion between hot-blooded hormones and cold, hard practicality, a new bra designed by Australian scientists will only
law and order svu
New Police Recruit Shocked To Discover His Job Is Nothing Like Law & Order SVU
Nineteen year-old Melbourne man Brody Thompson has quit his position as a Victoria Police cadet after discovering the role lacked