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ebola bomb
We’ll Help Fight Ebola If You Let Us Bomb It, Government Says
The Australian Government has told the international community that it is happy to help the fight against Ebola, as long
scotland and england
Scotland And England Having The Best Make Up Sex Ever
Scotland and England have not stopped bonking since nine o’clock this morning
Iraq War Remake To Feature Similar Storyline, Better Special Effects
Washington Studios has announced plans to dust off perennial favourite ‘Iraq War’ for a 2014 remake that it says will
Facebook Announces New ‘Boring’ Tag For Boring News Feed Items
Facebook will begin the introduction of a ‘boring’ tag to help users distinguish between items on their newsfeeds that are
Local Terrorist Calls It Quits After Dole Payment Threat
Saying he believed in jihad, but not that much, local terrorist Sam Hughes* has decided to call time on his
australian satire
Corporal Punishment, 1950s To Be Reintroduced To School Curriculum
Students who misbehave in class will be hit with a strap and told to wait in the 1950s until they
qatar world cup
Qatar Wins World Cup
Qatar has won the 2014 football World Cup in Brazil, in a surprise result that saw the tiny Middle Eastern
Upbeat Brazilians To Only Brood Over Loss For Next 50-60 Years
With a spring in their step and emboldened by trademark optimism, Brazilian fans today said they’ll only be haunted by
Friends Spend All Night Perfecting Selfie, As Memento Of Amazing Night
Saying “One more, one more!” a group of Sydney friends spent Saturday night getting that perfect shot, so they could
Rolf Harris
Relief As Humanity Realises It Can Stop Pretending To Like Rolf Harris’s Music
Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport is awful and the wobble board is just plain weird, the world finally admitted today
hot criminal
Nation’s Women Demand Hotter Criminals
Australia’s female population has asked local lawbreakers to pay more attention to their appearance, after it was revealed America’s criminals
Man Busy Doctoring Result Of ‘Which City Fits Your Personality’ Quiz
Finally getting ‘Berlin’ after his fourth attempt, Sydney man Rob Priest spent the best part of yesterday afternoon reworking an
Aussies Shocked By Revelations About Britain’s Rolf Harris
Australians say they are stunned by the allegations made against British national treasure Rolf Harris
dogs to be treated as children
Dogs To Be Treated As Children
Dogs are to be treated as if they were toddlers it has emerged
qatar world cup
Decision To Award World Cup To Desert Nation With No Football Stadiums May Have Been Rigged: Reports
FIFA’s decision to award the 2022 World Cup hosting rights to a nation without a football stadium may have been