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Google Accidently Pays Tax In April Fool’s Day Gag Gone Wrong
Search giant Google – known for its elaborate April Fool’s day pranks – was in damage control after it accidentally
telstra free payphone calls
Telstra Offers Free Payphone Calls To Customers This Weekend
Customers of telecommunications giant Telstra will get unlimited calls on the country’s payphone network this Easter long weekend, as compensation for
Sharapova drugs
Sharapova Forced To Hand Back Her Australian Open Loss
Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova has been ordered to relinquish her quarter final Australian Open failure, following a positive drug
This Is Not A Fucking Game Show, Rest Of World Reminds America
Choosing a Presidential candidate is not the same as choosing which contestant will go through to the next round of
sean penn and bill shorten
Renewed Hopes Of Finding Bill Shorten After Sean Penn Interview
The Australian electorate’s search for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten continued today, with hopes a recent interview with actor Sean Penn
budget rating system the shovel
Government Unveils New Budget Deficit Alert System
The Federal Government has launched a new system for ranking the threat of budget danger, which it says is clearer,
Obama Infuriates Putin By Pardoning Turkey For Thanksgiving
US-Russia tensions are high after President Obama used the traditional Thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony to let Turkey off the hook
cory bernardi asylum seekers
Allowing Syrian Refugees A “Slippery Slope” Toward Letting In Polygamous Animal Refugees: Bernardi
Coalition senator Cory Bernardi says that by allowing Syrian refugees entry into the country, Australia will be sending a message to
tony abbott europe
Europe Deeply Regrets Not Closing Border Before Abbott Arrived
Europe admits keeping its border open this week has been a ‘catastrophic error’
robert mugabe peace prize
A Peaceful Dictator: The Life And Achievements Of Robert Mugabe
In the week that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was awarded China’s equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize – the Confucius
fox news
U.S. News Bulletin To Now Give Overview Of The Day’s News, Sport, Mass Shootings And Weather
TV news bulletins will now give Americans an overview of the day’s top mass murders, along with the regular sport,
joe hockey forgot to pass budget
Hockey’s Wife To Keep Charging Joe $271 A Night To Stay At Her Canberra Apartment
Joe Hockey’s wife Melissa Babbage has confirmed that the fee for staying at her Canberra house remains at $271 a
dubai refugees
Dubai To Build World’s Largest Fuck You To Refugees
The rich gulf city of Dubai is once again set to dazzle the world, this time with a giant 880
border force
Melbourne Ticket Inspectors To Spend Week Patrolling High Seas In Job Swap With Border Force
Melbourne’s train and tram inspectors will be checking to make sure those trying to enter the country have a valid
australia racism
We’ll Decide When We’re Being Racist, White People Tell Black People
White Australians will advise non-white Australians as soon as they start being racist, it has been decided