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Mt Everest Promises To Install Second ATM
Mt Everest authorities have responded to the frustrations of climbers queuing for cash, saying they will install a second ATM
holiday photo
Woman Mistakenly Thinks Friends Give Shit About Her Holiday
In what has been described as a gross misunderstanding, a Brisbane women somehow assumed her friends were interested in seeing
scott morrison
Scott Morrison Finally Responds To Murray-Darling Crisis By Moving Israeli Embassy To Jerusalem
After more than a week of silence on the issue, Prime Minister Scott Morrison today responded to the Murray-Darling Basin
womans day royal baby
“We Broke Royal Baby News Six Months Ago” Woman’s Day Reminds Readers
A frustrated editor of tabloid magazine Woman’s Day has reminded readers that her journalists first broke the story of Harry
polo gillon mclachlan
AFL Boss Reveals Grand Final Half Time Entertainment
AFL chief Gillon McLachlan has once again shown his common touch, revealing a four-a-side polo comp as the centrepiece of
dutton cardboard box
Wet Cardboard Box Announces It Will Run As Third, More Charismatic Consensus Candidate
A soggy old box in an alleyway near Parliament House has come forward as a viable alternative to Peter Dutton,
royal carriage with car seat
Royal Carriage Fitted With Third Child Seat
Prince William was this morning trying to get the child seat strap to reach the bloody anchor bolt in his
gold coast games
Gold Coast Insecurity Threat Level “Critical” As Actual Athletes Arrive
Gold Coast residents have been warned to stay indoors and avoid social media this week as 4460 actual athletes descend
lord buckethead
Masked British Election Candidate Actually Kevin Rudd, Sources Say
Kevin Rudd has attempted to enter UK politics disguised as Lord Buckethead, it has been revealed
australia flag
Migrants Failing To Assimilate, 200-Year-Study Finds
"They're unable to assimilate with local values and refuse to speak anything but their native tongue"
Women, Black People To Be Barred From Plebiscite, In Order To Preserve ‘Traditional’ Definition Of Voting
Only white men over the age of 21 will be eligible to vote in the upcoming same-sex marriage plebiscite, in
Britain’s ‘Leave’ Voters Cleverly Deter Migrants By Destroying Economy
Migration laws will no longer need to change under an independent Britain, because no-one will want to go there to
lego character
Authorities Shoot & Kill Lego Character After Boy Falls Into Enclosure
A rare 4-foot tall Lego character has been shot and killed at an exhibition in China after a small boy
scott morrison budget
Scott Morrison Looking Forward To Reading Budget Tonight For First Time
Saying he had no idea what to expect, Treasurer Scott Morrison was eagerly awaiting 7:30pm tonight when he’ll see what
tony abbott stop the boats
Abbott Confirms He’ll Directly Confront Putin About Money Laundering Allegations
The tricky question of who will confront Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin about an alleged $2 billion tax-avoidance scheme has