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“Letting Biloela family stay will lead to influx of people wanting to spend 3 years locked on an island while their child contracts a rare blood infection”
“We let one family in and next thing we have thousands of families arriving at our doorstep saying, ‘lock me up in a cage’"
scott morrison coal
Morrison’s Spiritual Advisor Rejected Entry For American State Visit
White House officials stopped Scott Morrison from bringing his pet rock to a state visit in Washington, it has been
Eddie McGuire Dusts Off Heartfelt Apology He Gave Last Month
Changing the words ‘last Sunday’ to ‘last Friday’ and ‘women’ to ‘people with disabilities’, media personality Eddie McGuire has given
marvel stadium
Etihad Stadium Renamed ‘Marvel Stadium’ To Honour Superhero Who Fed A Family Of Four For Under $1000
Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium will be renamed ‘Marvel Stadium’ in acknowledgement of a local ‘superhuman’ who found a way to keep
iberal party 18C
Everyone In Australia Concerned About 18C Gathered For A Photo In Canberra Today
All 41 Australians who are interested in part 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act got together today for a bit
Scientists Yet To Provide Conclusive Link Between One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts And Reality
97% of the world’s scientists say they are yet to find proof that One Nation’s new Senator Malcolm Roberts lives
richard di natale profile
On The Campaign Trail With Richard Di Natale
We’re 158km north-east of Melbourne on the highway towards Albury, and Richard Di Natale – leader of The Greens ­–
The Shove's week in 60 seconds
The Week In 60 Seconds
Here’s what happened this week …
Articles With Images Of Breasts Designed Just To Get Clicks, Experts Say
bronwyn bishop austerity
Bronwyn Bishop Named Australia’s Special Envoy For Austerity
A day after Philip Ruddock was announced as Australia’s Special Envoy for Human Rights, former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has been
The Shovel Academy: How To Make A Public Apology
We all make mistakes from time to time. Racially abuse someone on national television, get taxpayer money confused with personal
tony abbott PM again
Popularity With Party, Voters, Only Things Standing Between Abbott And Another Prime Ministership
Tony Abbott is confident he can have another tilt at the top job, with the convention of requiring 50% support
bronwyn bishop
Bishop Resigns, Budget Returns To Surplus
The Federal Budget will return to surplus next week, not 2020/21 as previously forecast
Australia Will Run Out Of Flags By 2020 At Current Consumption Rates, Modelling Shows
The Federal Government today announced a $2.2 billion boost in funding for the flag industry, after analysis revealed Australia could
tony abbott
Q&A To Just Be Tony Abbott Answering His Own Questions
The ABC’s flagship political discussion program Q&A will now just be Tony Abbott standing in a row of empty audience