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Virus Eradicated In NSW
In a rare day of positive news for the state, New South Wales has recorded zero new coronavirus cases and
Now Is Not The Time To Talk About Coronavirus, Morrison Says
Talking about coronavirus while millions of people are at threat from it, is completely inappropriate, the Prime Minister says
Australia Asks Other Nations To Send Backup Politicians, To Help Deal With Bushfire Crisis 
A contingent of emergency politicians from Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere will fly to Australia next week to help fill
Prince Harry Returns To Royal Family, After Trial At Starbucks Doesn’t Work Out 
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will return to the royal family after Harry’s try-out at a Starbucks in Toronto didn’t
Trump turkey
Trump Pardons Turkey, And Other Authoritarian Nations, At Annual Thanksgiving Ceremony
Work Begins On New Trump Hotel
Preparation work has begun on a glittering new Trump hotel in north-eastern Syria, with the final building likely to be
Gladys Liu
Gladys Liu Can’t Recall If She Is The Member For Chisholm
Liberal MP Gladys Liu says she can’t recall if she has been the member for the Victorian seat of Chisholm
Trump Says US Economy Never Stronger: ‘People Who Had One Job Now Have Two’
Donald Trump has rejected claims the country’s economy is faltering, saying many Americans now enjoy twice as many jobs as
Biloela Tamil Family Re-Enters Australia As High-Rolling Crown Casino Au Pairs 
The young Tamil family deported to Christmas Island at the weekend have been granted a last minute reprieve by Home
Government Totally Out Of Things To Talk About, Now That Tax Cuts Passed
The Government has no more policies, it has been revealed
belle gibson fine
Belle Gibson Says She Rejects Mainstream Methods For Paying Fines, And Will Overcome Her Fine Through Natural Remedies And Self Reflection
Wellness blogger Belle Gibson has told a court that she doesn’t believe in conventional approaches to court-ordered fines and prefers
Taxi Industry Responds To Uber Air, Promising More Expensive, Slightly Dirtier Version Within Months 
Australia’s taxi industry has responded to the impending arrival of ‘aerial rideshare’ service Uber Air, saying it will launch a
Theresa May
May Resigns To Allow Britain To Fuck Up Brexit A Different Way
British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that she will stand down from her role to give other people a
Peter Dutton Believes He Has Numbers To Win Labor Party Leadership
Home Affairs Minister and maths whiz Peter Dutton says he has the numbers he needs to secure the ALP leadership
high speed rail
New High Speed Rail Will Run Between Sydney & Melbourne Once Every Election Year
A new high speed rail policy has been announced that will connect the country’s two largest cities once every three