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scott morrison treasurer satire
Scott Morrison To Turn Back Any Bad Economic News Found Trying To Enter Australia
Any unwanted economic indicators trying to reach Australian shores will be locked up on a small island and never spoken
ray hadley
Ray Hadley Asks Malcolm Turnbull To Swear On Copy Of ‘Prestige Homes Of Point Piper’
In a heated interview this afternoon, controversial 2GB radio host Ray Hadley grilled new PM Malcolm Turnbull about how he
“Death Cult Bad. Escaping Death Cult On Boat Badder”: Government Talking Points Leaked
The evil Death Cult wreaking havoc across the Middle East has absolutely no regard for human life, and its victims
abbott loves anal
Abbott Threatens To Turn Off ABC’s Twitter Machine
A furious Tony Abbott has told the ABC he will personally turn off its Twitter at the wall if the
English Guy At Work About To Become Unbearable
The English guy at your work is about to become unbearable, it has been revealed. England is suddenly good at
Union Jack Tony Abbott
Abbott Puts Forward Suggestion For New Flag For When NT Becomes A State
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has conceded that Australia’s flag may need to change if the Northern Territory becomes a state,
dawn fraser
Dawn Fraser Becomes First Australian Woman To Destroy Reputation In Under 44 Seconds
Australian swimming champion Dawn Fraser has completely ruined her reputation in just 43.24 seconds, smashing the previous record
barnaby joyce
Asia May See Our Human Rights As ‘Decadent’, Barnaby Joyce Warns
Deputy Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce says some Asian nations may view our obsession with free speech and the right to
tony abbott
Q&A To Just Be Tony Abbott Answering His Own Questions
The ABC’s flagship political discussion program Q&A will now just be Tony Abbott standing in a row of empty audience
joe hockey age of entitlement
Joe Hockey’s 6 Tips For First Home Buyers
With house prices at an all time high, getting a foothold in the property market can sometimes seem like an
Sepp Blatter Willing To Speak About Corruption At FIFA, For A Fair Price
The President of world soccer’s governing body FIFA has vigorously denied there has been any corruption at his organisation, but
will and kate
Will & Kate: “We Take Turns Asking The Nanny To Change The Nappies”
In another sign of a more modern, in-touch Royal Family, Prince William and wife Kate have cast aside traditional gender
apple watch tattoo
Apple Watch Only Works If You Have ‘Consumer Slave’ Tattooed On Your Forehead
Early adopters of Apple’s new watch have found that the device only works for those who have a tattoo on
tony abbott
Abbott Vows To Stop The Human Rights Smugglers
The Coalition is the only party with a workable plan to stop the influx of human rights onto Australian shores,
bono iphone
Siri Replaced By Bono
Users of Apple’s new iPhone were today surprised to find the well-known personal assistant, Siri, had been replaced by an