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david feeney satire
David Feeney Totally Forgets He Has Second Family In Northcote
Labor powerbroker and member for Batman David Feeney has totally lost track of a second family he belongs to in
sophie mirabella the shovel
Mirabella Reveals: “Even Voters Are Against Me”
Following her allegation that the Liberal Party is trying to undermine her, Sophie Mirabella now claims that voters may be
peter dutton asylum seeker
Asylum Seekers Told They Will Live With Peter Dutton, In Final Push To Deter Boats
If you come to Australia by boat, you will be forced to live in Peter Dutton’s spare bedroom. That’s the
christopher pyne submarine
New $50 Billion Submarine Contract To Secure Job In Adelaide
A new project to build 12 submarines in Adelaide will lock in as many as one job in South Australia, Government
60 minutes tara brown
Judge Agrees To Free 60 Minutes Crew If They Reveal The Fabulous New Diet That’s Sweeping The Nation
Give up the seven secrets to a trim new bikini-ready body for summer, and you walk. That was the stark
clive's dinosaur
FOR SALE: 160 Life-Sized Mechanical Dinosaurs. As New, Quick Sale.
We’re helping a mate clear out some bits and bobs so he can get together some extra cash. 
tony abbott stop the boats
Abbott Confirms He’ll Directly Confront Putin About Money Laundering Allegations
The tricky question of who will confront Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin about an alleged $2 billion tax-avoidance scheme has
tim wilson
We Rely Too Much On Government, Says Man Reliant On Government
A man who says government should be drastically cut back and its institutions sold off, has agreed to be paid
New Senate Ballot Paper To Double As Massive Sudoku
Voters at the upcoming Federal election will now be given the choice of placing a ‘1’ above the line, or
Trump rally
Trump Supporters Threaten To Crash Bernie Sanders Rally. Sanders Responds By Setting Up IQ Test At Entrance
Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has responded to a threat from Donald Trump supporters to disrupt his future rallies, setting up a
This Morning’s Coffee To Sell For Between $1 and $1.20 Barista Tells Real Estate Agent
A small flat white is expected to fetch north of $1, a real estate agent was told at his local
abbott and credlin
Abbott Says He’ll Need To Check With Credlin Before Confirming Or Denying Their Affair
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will be happy to confirm or deny rumours of a relationship with his
cory bernardi UN
EDITORIAL: Who Is Going To Make Sure We Don’t Have Sex With Donkeys While Cory Bernardi Is On Secondment To The UN?
Today the Federal Government announced that it will send South Australian senator Cory Bernardi on a 3-month secondment to the
uber puppies
Uber’s Total Tax Bill Last Year Was Only … Wait, PUPPIES!
Uber, the Silicon Valley tech giant valued at over $60 billion, paid an astonishingly low tax rate of just …
Iraq map Bush family
Heartbreaking: Jeb Bush May Never Get To Play With The Little Piece Of Iraq His Father & Brother Left For Him
When Jeb Bush – brother of George W, son of George Snr – pulled out of the race for President