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census facebook
‘Census Is Invasion Of My Privacy’ Man Writes On Website That Knows His Underwear Size
Saying it was ‘intrusive’ and a ‘blatant invasion of privacy’, Melbourne man Terry McManus has posted a stinging rant about
pokemon go data
Pokémon Go Draws To Close After Final Little Piece Of Customer Data Captured
Describing it as a ‘wonderful, exciting adventure’, Pokémon Go creator Niantic has announced that the game will now come to
Pete Evans Launches New Cookbook: 100 Simple Conspiracy Theories You Can Create At Home
Celebrity chef Pete Evans launched his latest publication today, a collection of quick-and-easy conspiracy theories that you can whip up
Awkward! Shorten Accidentally Likes Turnbull’s Instagram Photo From A Year Ago
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was today left red-faced after accidentally liking one of Malcolm Turnbull’s Instagram photos from more than
Malcolm Turnbull stable government
Finally, Stability
Australia at last has a strong, stable and secure Government that can act as a steady hand for the next three
margot robbie profile
Vanity Fair Accidentally Published The Wrong Margot Robbie Profile. Here’s The Correct Version
In an embarrassing blunder, Vanity Fair inadvertently published the first draft of their profile of Australian actress Margot Robbie today. Here’s the
malcolm turnbull power
Turnbull Confident Of Retaining Keys To Lodge (Or As He Likes To Call It ‘My 28th Home’)
Malcolm Turnbull says he is confident his party has the numbers to form a majority government, but is not concerned
Peta Credlin: “This Chaos Never Would Have Happened When I Was Prime Minister”
Guest columnist Peta Credlin The sloppiness, the infighting, the slip-ups. The lack of any ‘plan B’ for the marriage equality
boris johnson
Independent Britain To Open Up All Sorts Of New Opportunities For People Aspiring To Be Prime Minister: Boris Johnson
‘Leave’ campaign leader Boris Johnson says the decision to leave the EU marks a new dawn for people who had always
scott morrison white straight man
“It’s Time Straight White Men In This Country Were Heard”: Scott Morrison
From guest columnist Scott Morrison Enough is enough. For too long, middle aged, straight white men like me have not
abbott flags
Abbott Snapped Practicing For Rumoured New Defence Minister Role
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was today photographed holding a mock defence briefing, putting in doubt Malcolm Turnbull’s claims that
Exhausted, Muddled Donald Trump Accidently Calls For Ban On Muslims Instead Of Guns
Republican presumptive Presidential nominee Donald Trump has called for tighter controls on Muslims, in an embarrassing gaffe yesterday. He meant
Malcolm Turnbull’s Ultimate Transport Makeover
Malcolm Turnbull's corporate jet has undergone a transformation into the ultimate commuter vehicle
richard di natale
Greens New ‘Cleaner Energy’ Plan To Harness Energy Of Household Cleaners & Nannies
Greens leader Richard Di Natale today unveiled his party’s Cleaner Energy plan, a $35m incentive scheme to encourage household cleaners and
COMMENT: Johnny Depp’s Claim About Barnaby Joyce And Tomatoes Is Unfair On Tomatoes
Comparing a harmless salad item to the Deputy Prime Minister – as actor Johnny Depp did last night – is both