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mike baird retires
Sydney Observes 3-Year Silence, In Moving Tribute To Mike Baird
Central Sydney has observed a 3-year silence to reflect on the life and achievements of Mike Baird, after the NSW
Putin US
Putin Happy To Let Trump Do Day-to-Day Running Of US
Just days before his inauguration, Vladimir Putin says he is pragmatic about his new role in the US, and is happy
Trump satire
America Asks To Watch 70 Year-Old Man Piss All Over Them
In what has been described as an ‘odd fetish’, Americans have asked a 70 year-old New York man to urinate
Racism Now Called ‘Tapping Into Political Sentiment’
Being a bigot has been renamed ‘responding to the mood of the electorate’, it has been confirmed
Whoops! America Wakes To Discover They Made A Game Show Host President!
In an embarrassing blunder, America has elected a reality TV star with no political experience to be their next President
Trump campaign
Trump Vows To Govern For All White Male Americans, No Matter Who They Voted For
President elect Donald Trump says he will be the President for all white men across all the 50 states of
Trump Rally
Oh Fuck
“Jesus H Fuckety fucking fuck fuck fuck,” the world said in a carefully-worded statement today
Leaked Emails From Clinton Server Reveal There Are Hundreds Of Singles Available In Her Area
In yet another twist in the US presidential campaign, the new tranche of emails first referred to by the FBI’s
Trump Releases Statement Distancing Himself From Cory Bernardi Endorsement
Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has moved swiftly to remove the stench created by Australian Senator Cory Bernardi’s endorsement, saying he
“We’re Not Labor”: Coalition Looks To Market-Based System For Totally Tearing Themselves Apart
Malcolm Turnbull has assured Australians that his party will not repeat the mistakes of Labor and will instead use a
Banks Charge Government ‘Processing Fee’ For Answering Inquiry Questions
A $22.50 processing fee has been applied to each question answered during the parliamentary inquiry into banks, it was revealed
Malcolm Turnbull power
Turnbull Advises South Australians To Cut Deal With Right Wing Of Liberal Party “It’s The Quickest Way To Get Power”
With huge storms causing blackouts across the state, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has provided some handy advice for South Australians
tim cook launch
Apple Launches New, Beautifully-Designed Tax Avoidance Program
Apple has once again raised the bar, with today’s launch of a stunning new global tax-avoidance system
kitty chiller
All Australians To Be In Bed By 9:30pm Tonight, Kitty Chiller Advises
Australians must be in their beds, teeth cleaned, by no later than 9:30pm the nation’s Olympics chief Kitty Chiller has
census bethlehem
ABS Considers Reverting To Traditional Method Of Holding Census In Bethlehem
Australians would be asked to travel to the Palestinian city of Bethlehem under a new simpler census mechanism currently being considered