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peter dutton halloween
Brutal New Game Of Thrones Episode Sees Peter Dutton Given Extended Powers
The much-anticipated opener of the latest Game of Thrones season lived up to the show’s gory reputation, with Lord Peter
pixel face
Criminal Activity Higher Among Those Born With Pixelated Faces, Study Finds
Children born with pixelated faces are up to seven times more likely to rob a bank or be part of
Trump paris
Waves Lapping American Cities Will Be ‘Greatest Waves You’ve Ever Seen’ Trump Says
Donald Trump addressed a jubilant group of supporters today, telling them that climate change in America will be better than
shorten and turnbull covfefe
Shorten, Turnbull In Solidarity With COVFEVE
The PM and the Opposition Leader have both expressed their support for COVFEVE overnight, in a rare show of bipartisan agreement
margaret court
Margaret Court Yet To Respond To Controversy Because She’s Been On A Greyhound Bus For The Past 4 Days
Tennis great Margaret Court is unaware of the controversy surrounding her comments about same-sex marriage because she’s been cooped up
western sydney airport
Convenient ‘Shuttle Plane’ Service To Link Western Sydney Airport To City
Passengers arriving at the new Western Sydney Airport will be able to take advantage of a regular and affordable shuttle
ed sheeran
EU Agrees To Brexit Terms, On Proviso Future Ed Sheeran Albums Never Enter Europe
The European Union will allow Britain to leave Europe and keep all the benefits of the common market, provided they never have to
apple watch
Apple Releases ‘Apple Watch’ In Hilarious April Fools Day Hoax
Tech giant Apple has announced plans to produce an ‘Apple watch’, in one of the funniest April Fools day pranks
Hollywood Stars Bravely Emerge From Gated Mansions To Speak Out Against Trump’s Wall
Saying the US President should build peace not walls, a swathe of celebrities made the brave move to step beyond
Melbourne Café’s ‘Deconstructed Cheesecake’ Now Just A List Of Ingredients And A Coles Voucher
A café in Melbourne’s inner north has ‘reimagined’ the cheesecake, serving up a supermarket voucher and a list of ingredients
Australia Post
Ahmed Fahour Actually Quit Australia Post Years Ago. But His Resignation Letter Only Arrived Today
Outgoing Australia Post chief Ahmed Fahour says he sent off his resignation letter in May 2014, but couldn’t officially announce
donald trump the apprentice
320 Million Americans Feared Trapped On New Season Of The Apprentice
As The Apprentice enters the ninth week of its 15th season, there are concerns for its 320 million participants, who some
Situation Room
Situation Room Converted Into Twitter Room
The White House’s intelligence and national security facility has been converted into a comfortable place for Donald Trump to tweet,
donald trump approval
Incredible! Donald Trump Has Highest Approval Rating Ever When You Sum Up All The Different Polls
Donald Trump has an amazingly-high approval rating of 167% when you add up the figures from ABC, Gallup, Wall Street
putin illegal voting
Illegal Votes? Reports Mysterious Foreigner Voted 3 Million Times In US Election
Donald Trump’s repeated claim that millions of illegal votes were cast in the recent presidential election appear to be true,